bio-howeLeroy "Rocky" Kreider, PMP

BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Lowell
Mr. Kreider has over twenty five years of experience in nuclear power plant operations with a particular emphasis on project management, materials management, licensing, procurement engineering, configuration control, design basis reconstitution, component classification, and prudence reviews. Mr. Kreider is a proactive situational leader as well as an effective facilitator between client, company and team members. Mr. Kreider has many years of experience managing both complex home office and field projects and bringing them in on time and on budget. He has a proven track record of selecting and managing efficient, effective teams that meet and exceed project goals.


Mr. Kreider is the Chairman of the ANS Large Light Water Reactor Power Generation and Plant Support Systems Subcommittee and is a Working Member of the ANS Large Light Water Reactor Design & Operation Consensus Committee. He is the Chairman for the ANSI/ANS 58.9-1981 “Single Failure Criteria for Light Water Reactor Safety-Related Fluid Systems.”  He is a member of the Project Management Institute and the American Nuclear Society. He has also completed a comprehensive course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on "Risk-Informed Operational Decision Management".