bio-howeRichard Rennie
Senior Technical Manager

BS, Human Resource Management, The New School
Nuclear Engineer, Nuclear Power School, US Navy
Mr. Rennie has over thirty years of experience in nuclear power. As a senior technical manager concentrating in nuclear systems and electrical engineering, Mr. Rennie’s project involvement has been in the area of Risk Informed Safe Shutdown Analysis, including Fire PRA, NFPA 805, and RIS 2004-003 for utilities in the U.S. and Canada. Additionally, he has managed Safe Shutdown Analysis projects implementing updates involving Regulatory Guide 1.189. He has managed and completed multiple projects related to Fire Protection Safety Assessments, System Analysis, Fire Hazards Analysis, Safe Shutdown Analysis, System Modeling, and Bill of Material validation and generation.

Mr. Rennie is a twenty year veteran of the U.S. Navy where he managed operations and administration of five engineering divisions; coordinated department and contractor maintenance/operational scheduling requirements, and was a Certified Master Training Specialist. Mr. Rennie is an expert in the use of safe shutdown analysis software and assists clients with developing customized training and program implementation for database production and performance of safe shutdown analysis.