Risk-Informed Technical Specifications Initiative 5b (TSTF-425)

Risk-Informed Technical Specification initiative 5b relocates surveillance test intervals to a licensee-controlled document, and provides an NRC-endorsed process to change the test intervals without prior NRC approval. EPM staff includes the NRC reviewer and principal author of the staff safety evaluation of NEI 04-10, Risk-Informed Technical Specifications Initiative 5b, Risk-Informed Method for Control of Surveillance Frequencies, as well as the pilot plant for initiative 5b. As a member of the industry Risk-Informed Technical Specifications Task Force, EPM staff are aware of current trends and issues for implementation of this initiative.

EPM can develop the license amendment request per TSTF-425, plant procedures, and training packages for plant staff and decision-makers, and develop a structured approach to identifying, prioritizing, and implementing the process for extending the test intervals to realize reductions in outage scope and manpower requirements for surveillance testing.