Charles Brush

BS, Electrical Engineering, University of Missouri
Mr. Brush has more than thirty three years of progressive electrical engineering design experience in the nuclear power industry. Mr. Brush participated in the design of TVA's Brown's Ferry, Sequoyah, Watts Bar, Yellow Creek & Hartsville nuclear power plants. In addition to actual design work on these plants, Mr. Brush served as TVA's Corporate Engineering Control System Wiring Specialist for a number of years and as the Technical Supervisor for Control Power Systems Design. Mr. Brush was involved in the successful completion of the Appendix R licensing process for the most recently licensed nuclear power unit in the country. He is intimately familiar with the current Appendix R regulatory positions and the focus of NRC inspection audits. As the Watts Bar electrical team leader for Appendix R, he interfaced directly with the NRC fire protection reviewers during the on-site inspection and in Washington.

Mr. Brush has been with EPM since 1997 and has provided his expertise on a variety of projects. He has performed electrical power system calculations, Appendix R safe shutdown analysis, independent verification of electrical wiring separation, electrical drawing update, cable and raceway database development, instrument setpoint and accuracy calculations, and cable separation program anomaly resolution. Mr. Brush was also a member of an electrical separation advisory team.