bio-howeRoss Howe, P.E.

MS, Electrical Engineering, San Jose State University
BS, Nuclear Engineering, University of Wisconsin

Mr. Howe has over thirty years of nuclear power industry experience including 24 years of consulting experience with EPM. Mr. Howe’s educational background is unique. He has a nuclear engineering degree combined with an electrical engineering degree with a specialty in computer engineering. This has allowed Mr. Howe to perform in specialty roles including acting as point man for EPM in the development of new nuclear power plant computer applications implementing state-of-the-art computerization techniques. He has an extensive background in software including software design, implementation and testing of large scale engineering support applications. Mr. Howe currently is responsible for the development of large scale client server and Web centric nuclear power plant database applications for EPM’s Software and Technology Solutions Division. Mr. Howe holds professional engineering licenses in two disciplines: electrical and mechanical.