EPM operates with strict adherence to our core values of accountability, integrity, trust, and respect. The success of EPM is anchored in our team’s professionalism and commitment to our clients. We are passionate about delivering quality services to our clients every day. Our clients are the best proof of this fact. Here are sample testimonials from our clients.

"I wanted to let you know the work I did with EPM, transitioning from INDMS to Genesis, is one of the projects I am most proud of during my career (at EXELON). It was a real pleasure working with all of the EPM team, you are true professionals and I was grateful for all your hard work and support to make the Limerick project successful. I wish you continued success in the future”. - Electrical Design Engineer, Limerick Generating Station – October 2017


"I would like to thank EPM for their lead engineer’s expertise and support during this inspection. It would have not been such a success without him. I look forward to working with EPM this year to finally implement SAFE for SQN and resolve many of the issues we identified before the inspection." - TVA SQN & WBN Programs Engineering - May 2017


"I have approval for this proposal and funding.....Thanks again for your quick and timely response. Its’s this kind of business relationship, communication and cooperation coupled by EPM’s Engineering and product support that allow us to be successful! I can’t do this anywhere else and I really appreciate EPM and all those who work there! - Lead Electrical Engineer - Energy Northwest/Columbia - April 2017


“EPM has consistently and earnestly listened to my concerns and questions with the desire to 'Get it Right'. Questions are answered promptly and updates to software are provided to address any issues. EPM displays great communication skills; listens and explains issues with the purpose of reaching an understanding and final resolution. EPM keeps me informed of outstanding items, and always provides a point of contact for any questions I may have.” – Supplier Observation - Electrical Design Engineering/Exelon Project Lead - Limerick Generating Station - September 2016


“I was impressed with the presence EPM had at the end of day meetings throughout the week. Never led an audit where all the Directors and COO showed up to discuss the day's activities. It showed the team that EPM is engaged to the importance of the audit and their desire for continuous improvement.” – Lead Auditor - NUPIC Audit - April 2016


“As I am sure you have heard, we made it through our recent fire triennial somewhat successfully (no greater than GREENs). I wanted to extend my sincere appreciation for your company's outstanding support. Your team was professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to deal with. Additionally, you should know that [the EPM staff] was extremely supportive throughout the inspection, often going beyond the 'call of duty'.” – Senior Lead PSA Engineer - Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station - December 2015


“Thank you for the terrific work! EPM has been very supportive of our final LAR Supplement - the 918 page package was approved and submitted to the NRC on Aug 26.” – Project Manager - NextEra Energy Point Beach - August 2015


“It is a pleasure doing business with a firm that delivers what they say they will. A cursory review of the final submittal looks good....your support has been good and we appreciate it.” – Project Manager - TVA - August 2015


“Thanks for updating everyone with some good news for a change. It seems like every week EPM has been presented with some new problem to solve... [We] appreciate the effort that your team have put into this...A lesser group would already have thrown in the towel because of the ever-changing kaleidoscope of changes... Thanks again for the effort.” – Project Manager - TVA - July 2015


“Thanks [for your efforts on this project] - and believe me, I am very impressed with the spirit and work ethic on the part of EPM personnel!” – NFPA 805 Project Manager - NextEra Energy Point Beach - June 2015


“Vinny, we have successfully upgraded EDISON/SAFE to V 1.8.0 and CAMP V 1.2.0. Please extend our thanks and appreciation to your staff for their exemplary performance and support in the successful deployment to our production environment. I cannot thank you enough for the availability and professional support your team continues to provide us. Your products are providing the foundation for this station to lead the industry in managing our cables, raceways, tiers and supports. In addition we are building strong reliable PFSS analysis tools and will be utilizing the most comprehensive cable aging and management tool available today. This solution suite of software and its dynamic program capabilities is truly a tool that increases efficiency in our work load. It’s refreshing to see a tool that is turning the trend from being a slave to your processes to a tool that works for you in real time. I look forward to working with your staff as we find new opportunities to increase effective efficient solutions to challenges that come our way.” – Lead Electrical Engineer - Energy Northwest/Columbia - October 2014


“Mr. Kalantari – I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the level of talent, support, and professionalism of your people. I was able to meet several of them during the Point Beach audit, listen to them speak to the NRC, and witness their level of knowledge during plant walk downs. I couldn’t have been more satisfied with their performance. Their hard work made this an extremely successful audit. I am proud to call them members of our Point Beach team. If I can provide recommendations on their efforts in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact me.” – Programs Engineering Manager - Point Beach Nuclear Plant - June 2014


“I just want to pass on this great news. The CNSC has accepted the CCR, FHA, FSSAs for Bruce A and Bruce B! Thank you all for your contributions to this big effort! Please share with others at EPM who were part of the team.”  – Senior Technical Specialist - Bruce Power - Fire Protection Design Engineering - September 2013


“Mr. Paul Ouellette - The purpose of this note is to express my appreciation for the support provided by EPM to AEP in response to the multiple issues associated with the degraded Auxiliary Building pre-action suppression systems and NRC Fire Protection Triennial Inspection June 10 - 29, 2013. Specific examples of strong performance included prompt dispatch of field engineers to assist in developing and completing a test plan to address our degraded suppression systems, development of a hydraulic model to address the ability of a single fire pump to meet the demand of our worst case suppression systems and completing technical evaluations and fire modeling necessary to support the Significant Determination Process (SDP). It is my understanding EPM was able to provide this requested technical expertise to meet our challenges while simultaneously completing two peer station NFPA 805 License Amendment Requests. This performance is noteworthy. Please share this information with your staff and once again thank you.” – Engineering VP - AEP/DC Cook - June 2013


“Today at 13:30 our Site Vice President signed, what the NRC has indicated, our last RAI Response submittal. I just wanted to take a moment of pause and express my appreciation for the long hours, patience and understanding that was necessary to complete our RAI responses in preparation for the June 2013 SE. We did not miss a due date for any NRC commitments, even when confronted with difficult obstacles both professionally and in our personal lives. Few in the industry truly understand the complexity of the analysis, calculations and evaluations required to complete transition to NFPA 805. Words cannot adequately express my appreciation for the entire teams support.” – Design Engineer - AEP/DC Cook - May 2013


“Well, its official…the TVA NFPA 805 LAR has been approved.... Thanks so much for all the hard effort, long hours, lost weekends and holidays, and sticking it out through all the frustrations.... Your teams worked with TVA’s engineering and project teams through many project surprises and revelations.... I believe that we fulfilled the TVA vision of “leading the industry in safety, people and performance.” I’ve really enjoyed working with each and every one of you on this project.... Congratulations and with thanks for all of the work to advance this key initiative for excellence at TVA.” – GM Design Engineering Projects - TVA Nuclear Power Group - March 2013


“Palisades has received NRC LIC-109 acceptance of the NFPA 805 LAR submittal. Thank you for your support in helping us reach this milestone. Please extend our thanks to all the individuals in your organization that have supported Palisades.” – Senior Technical Specialist - Entergy/Palisades - Fire Protection Design Engineering - March 2013


“PG&E would like to recognize the professionalism (quality, versatility and dedication) of the EPM personnel serving on the project team.” – NFPA 805 Project Manager - PG&E/Diablo Canyon - January 2013


“Thank you for all of your support. Our LAR was signed by Site Management last night and sent to the NRC. We could not have met our commitment without the support of EPM.” – Fire Protection Engineer - Entergy/Palisades - December 2012


“I would like to say thank you for all your support to the Palisades NFPA 805 Transition Project. Your efforts were above and beyond the call of duty and it was much appreciated. Your support helped us reach a milestone of submitting a complete License Amendment Request by the end of the year. Yesterday our Site Vice President signed the LAR and it was transmitted to the NRC.” – Fire Protection Manager - Entergy/Palisades - December 2012


“I would like to thank you all for a successful NFPA 805 audit. I recognize that a lot of work went into both the logistics and support for the NRC team as well as the excellent technical response to the NRC’s questions. While we all understand that a lot of work is yet to come, you all have done very well getting Cooper through this important milestone. Please pass this message on to those supplemental individuals, and to anyone that I may have missed, as well. Thank you” – Manager of Engineering Support - NPPD/Cooper Nuclear Plant - October 2012


“As we send out new requests for proposals, EPM will be on our bidders list. We have been very satisfied with your performance to date and have confidence in your ability.” – NFPA 805 Project Director - Constellation Energy - August 2012


“We had a phone call with NRR [client] today regarding our submittal. I quote "congratulations to our team for doing a good job", "happy with our level of engagement and responsiveness". What was nice was our director and both VP's were in the room to hear this directly from him! Great job to the team, Congrats, all the hard work is paying off. Thanks again” – Licensing Manager - Ameren/Callaway - May 2012


“Without getting all mushy and teary eyed, I'd like to express my appreciation (as well as echo the praise Richard got from the executive management team) for you and your entire team’s efforts in making the NFPA 805 LAR submittal. Our VP started off our FP Aging Management Challenge Board meeting today with a very flattering comment on the quality of technical expertise and benefits he expects from INPO in the July evaluation and the margin gained from the regulator as the first non-pilot to transition.” – Design Engineer - AEP/DC Cook - July 2011


“Following the successful hand-over of the new CADMEC 21 system and the closeout of the contract between EPM and British Energy. I feel it my pleasant duty as B.E.’s Project Manager, to express my thanks to all those at EPM that were involved in the project. The close working relationships established between EPM and the B.E. team was a significant factor in the timely completion of the CADMEC replacement system. The professionalism and technical knowledge displayed by both of them and their supporting team was very much appreciated.”  - Project Manager of CADMEC Replacement Team - British Energy - May 2000


“Whenever good things happen, it usually is the result of a good team. As a member of the SQUG team, I want to express my sincere thank you for the effort provided by EPM. We always knew it would take super-human effort to make our deadline and super-human effort is what we received. Please extend our thanks to all of your staff who helped make it possible. We certainly enjoyed working with professionals at EPM.” - SQUG Team Member  - NSP/Prairie Island  - December 1995


“You are to be commended for your role in the process improvements for the installation of Thermo-Lag firewrap and design alternatives to reduce, where possible, the use of Thermo-Lag. Thank you for your suggestion, your creativity, your persistence, and your continued hard work. We at Watts Bar were successful in reducing the critical path to fuel load by two months and the cost to complete Unit 1 by approximately 3.6 million dollars. TVA recognizes your contribution toward completing this initiative as the Watts Bar Team marches toward fuel load and commercial operation of Unit 1.” – Vice President of Site Operations - TVA/Watts Bar - May 1995


“I want to bring to your attention the skills, services and unique software of a specialty contractor, Engineering Planning and Management, Inc. (EPM). EPM specializes in the Fire Protection and Appendix R areas where they have been consultants to approximately 50% of the US nuclear units. From my personal experience at Browns Ferry I can attest to their capabilities. On Browns Ferry Unit 3, EPM provided critical support to Bechtel Power Corporation, taking a fixed price, short schedule contract to complete the Appendix R Safe Shutdown Analysis. Their work was on schedule and of the highest quality. They were instrumental in eliminating all the TSI Thermolag on Browns Ferry Units 2 and 3. On Browns Ferry Unit 3, they dramatically reduced post-fire operator actions by more than 80%.”


"EPM has captured and contained the essence of its expertise in a unique integrated "QA'd" computer code set that contains Appendix R Safe Shutdown Analysis, Fire Protection and Cable and Raceway modules. These codes have been recently licensed by Browns Ferry. I believe that EPM's fire protection methods and software can be considered the "best in the Valley" and warrant consideration for use throughout TVA. Such a valley-wide approach would achieve consistency and quality in [utility]'s Appendix R analysis and fire protection programs.”


“EPM has a second major specialty area -- rapid, cost-effective dedication of commercial grade items in accordance with the latest EPRI guidance. EPM embeds their procurement engineering knowledge and expertise in a very robust, "QA'd" Computer Assisted Procurement Engineering (CAPE) software system which provides correct, high-quality dedication packages in the utilities specified output formats. Again, procurement engineering automation and standardization is an issue ideally suited for a TVA valley-wide uniform approach.” – Site Vice President - TVA/Watts Bar - April 1993