Low Power and Shutdown PRA

EPM staff have experience developing risk assessments for shutdown conditions. A full scope low power and shutdown model can provide several potential benefits to a utility, including reduced conservatisms for 10 CFR 50.69 categorization, quantitative evaluations and reduced conservatisms of shutdown configuration risk assessments for 10 CFR 50.65 (a)(4), and quantitative assessment capability for transition and shutdown risk evaluations associated with Significance Determination Process, NOEDs, and Technical Specification changes. EPM staff are involved with the ASME/ANS standards development process, which includes industry and NRC development of the low power/shutdown standard ANS/ASME 58.22.

EPM can assist with all facets of Low Power/Shutdown model development, or shutdown risk assessments for specific purposes (not a full scope model) can also be supported.


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