Probabilistic Risk Assessment Services

EPM has hundreds of person-years of operating nuclear power plant experience, and much of that experience has been directly involved with the Probabilistic Risk Assessment of operating nuclear plants. For internal events PRA model development, our engineers have expertise in the areas of initiating events identification and quantification, accident sequence analysis, success criteria determination, systems modeling, data analysis and human reliability analysis using state-of-the-art technology. We have in-house expertise with modeling in WinNUPRA, CAFTA and SAPHIRE and in performing human reliability analysis using the EPRI HRA Calculator. Success criteria and HRA timing is typically performed using the MAAP severe accident analysis code, for which Risk Services Division (RSD) has wide-ranging thermal-hydraulics modeling experience.

In order to ensure that the PRA modeling reflects the as-built, as-operated plant, RSD engineers are also available to validate the models by means of plant walkdowns, records reviews and by interviews with systems engineers and Operations personnel.

Because of our extensive experience with operating nuclear plants, RSD is also ideally suited for supporting various applications of risk information, including:

  • Mitigating Systems Performance Index margin improvement
  • Maintenance Rule Scope and Risk Significance
  • Maintenance Rule (a)(4) model development and evaluations
  • Risk Informed Licensing Application preparation

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Download EPM's Probabilistic Risk Assessment brochure in pdf format.