Risk-Informed Technical Specifications Initiative 4b (TSTF-505)

Risk-Informed Technical Specifications Initiative 4b provides a process to continue plant operation beyond the existing completion time for selected Technical Specification Required Actions based on configuration risk. The NRC-endorsed process is consistent with the existing configuration risk management used for maintenance rule risk assessment of on-line maintenance. EPM staff includes the NRC reviewer and principal author of the staff safety evaluation of NEI 06-09, Risk-Managed Technical Specifications, as well as the pilot plant for initiative 4b. As a member of the industry Risk-Informed Technical Specifications Task Force, EPM staff are aware of current trends and issues for implementation of this initiative.

EPM staff have experience in all aspects of initiative 4b implementation, including development of the license amendment request per TSTF-505, procedures, training, and PRA modeling for configuration risk management implementation to support this initiative. EPM can assist with development and implementation of initiative 4b to realize outage scope reduction, on-line maintenance optimization, improved safety equipment reliability, and avoided plant shutdowns.


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