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Introduction to Fire PRA


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The Professional Development Challenge

The significant challenge that EPM is actively addressing for the “risk-informed” regulated nuclear industry is the knowledge and skill development of this industry’s employees in the area of probabilistic risk assessment. Industry leaders themselves have realized the need for continued training of personnel in the area of risk assessment so that employees can execute their jobs with excellence and be advocates for nuclear safety. EPM’s Risk Solutions Division offers a comprehensive curriculum of classes in the area of Probabilistic Risk Assessment.

EPM Professional Development Training Program

With over 35 years of experience in engineering consulting, fire protection, software and probabilistic risk assessment services, EPM now provides quality training that is engaging and thorough. Through the EPM Professional Training Center, courses are taught using an interactive interface which keeps students involved in discussions and exercises. Our training center is staffed with a pool of instructors experienced in practical application of the subject matter, mentoring and teaching in a classroom setting. All of our instructors have been mentoring and teaching nuclear professionals for over 15 years. EPM offers a range of regularly scheduled courses, including introductory style classes covering a broad range of material along with in-depth classes intended for both new and experienced practitioners. A sample of courses that EPM offers are Introductions to PRA, External Events, Fire Modeling and Fire PRA, and a multi-week series of in-depth classes on PRA Technology for Practitioners. Training facilities are located in our headquarters in Framingham, Massachusetts. All our classes are also available for on-site training. For more information regarding the EPM Professional Training Program, our courses, instructors or the class venue, please explore the other Training pages of this website. If you would like to speak with a Training Program Administrator, call 1-508-532-7199.

Our Professional Development Principles

EPM does not believe in the customary student/instructor-led lecture for their professional development courses. EPM is well aware that the individuals that participate in professional development are professionals with a desire to gain relevant knowledge with their own personal goal or their company’s goal to focus on and solve real-life problems.We understand that our training class participants:
  • Have valuable experience in specific areas and want to be heard, not just seen and want to provide input and participate.
  • Are energetic and desire the opportunity for active participation in class with workshops and discussions.
  • Are proud of who they are and what they do professionally and want to be listened to and absolutely satisfied that progress in their class experience is beneficial and progressive.
  • They do not desire pure academic material and long one-way communications.
We design and deliver all our courses to these principles. If our approach to professional development sounds right to you, then register with us and enroll in a course to give our unique training a try.



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